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Ball Python Community
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14th-Jul-2012 01:47 pm(no subject)
hi :) just thought i'd share with you all my beautiful little girl, my princess pinstripe, Cleopatra (i know this name is totally overused, but my boyfriend and i wanted to get all historical.. so she's cleopatra, my normal male is julius (caesar), my big pastel male is marc (antony), so they're a little historical love triangle!) 
but anyway, she loves the cat :)

15th-Sep-2010 08:11 pm - I'm new!

Hello everybody,
I have been a ball python owner for a little over two years now. Her name is Tuckie(get it..lol). Anyways she was my first snake and now I also have a rainbow boa, we guess he is about four. His name is Pulse and we adopted him from Bob Clark at a reptile expo. 

I will post some pics and videos of them later. I just switched computers so I dont have any to upload.

Also, I am new to livejournal and I am a bit computer dumb and I saw that I am to put pics behind a "cut" but I dont know how. So if some one could give me a hand with that I would be so grateful.

I look forward to meeting everybody and learning from you guys:)
17th-Jun-2010 01:39 am - RIP Bella
I bite
My girl Bella hadn't eaten in a while. She finally ate last night and she was very happy and active afterwards. Today she was sunning herself on her log. Just now I realized that she was still in the same position, so I bent down to look at her and her neck was at a weird angle. Worried, I opened her cage to pick her up and my fears were confirmed.....she was dead :-((

She was my first snake.

Rest in peace, Bella :-(
26th-Jan-2010 01:17 am - Morph genetics questions.
mule- Whuh?!
(crossposting this.)

H'okay. So I'm researching leucistic Balls and have a question. I know you can get a leucy from a Mojave x Mojave pairing...and can also get 'em from, say...Mojave x Lesser Platinum, Mojave x Butter, et cetera. My question is this...would a Mojave x Fire produce a leucistic animal? (btw, I totally get that you can't guarantee inheritance and breeding a Mojave to a Mojave could result in a clutch comprised of entirely normal-phase pythons. No need to lecture me here, I'm talking about hypotheticals here.) If so, what eye colour would such a specimen posess?

Second question...I know that both the Mojave and Cinnamon morphs are incomplete dominants. I know you can get a pretty spiffy critter when it's heterozygous for each. However, what would happen if you managed to get a critter that was homozygous for both? The Super Mojave is a form of blue-eyed leucistic while the Super Cinnamon is practically all-black. I'm very curious to know if anyone's managed to do this!

Thanks in advance to anyone who might know!
22nd-Jan-2010 03:11 am - Intro/Stevie
'Allo all! I've lurked for a while, but I haven't really introduced myself. I'm Lolo and below is Stevie, my ball python. Short for Stephanella (I didn't feel like naming her Stephanie when I found out she was a she). I'll have had her for 2 years in July and she is just awesome and sweet, she's only bitten me once and it was completely my fault (picked her up right after feeding...oops). I've learned a lot about snakes through reading and having her and I'm training to be a vet tech, so...yeah.

A bigger pic showing her length is here if anyone is interested.

x - posted at  herpers 
7th-Dec-2009 04:41 pm - Eleanor, nearly one year later.
Red dress
EleanorCollapse )

Right now she's eating small/medium mice. I was thinking of trying to switch her to rats soon (young, comparatively sized rats.) but wasn't sure if it would be better to wait a bit, or what. She's never been a very picky eater since her one food strike, but I've never had her on anything besides f/t mice.
5th-Nov-2009 12:40 am - Everyone THIS IS IMPORTANT.
Dangerous legislation.

Pray for me and the rest of the reptile nation that it does not pass. HR2811 Will strip me of my rights to work with species i love. This is SO dangerous, i cant believe that this is even IN the house.

Please!!!!, Call and or Fax * or both!* the numbers listed in this thread. tell them you Oppose HR 2811.

We have ONE MORE DAY. It was postponed for tomorrow. SPREAD THE WORD. Copy and paste this anywhere you can. ALERT people. LETS make an IMPACT. DONT be lazy. DONT assume everyone else is going to do it for you. PLEASE. Voice YOUR opinion!

Even if you dont keep reptiles, This is important to SO many people. I never normally would ask people to do this. But PLEASE CALL. Please Oppose it.
14th-Oct-2009 07:45 pm - New owner...
Here come the drums
So, my partner and I have just adopted our first ball python. She's owned snakes before, and I haven't, so I'm feeling just a bit like an idiot at the moment. ^^;;

He's two years old. (We actually don't know the sex, either, but aren't terribly concerned about that.) Despite the fact that I've only had him for a few hours, I already have a couple of questions!

How much should he eat? The man we adopted him from said he ate three mice a week, which seems like more than I'd read about in my care books. He also seems a bit overweight, but since I've never had a snake, I'm not really sure.

He's also going to shed soon - is there something I can do to help him? He has a water dish large enough to soak in, he has some reptile carpet that he can rub against to help the shedding, and we're keeping an eye on the humidity so it isn't too dry. Anything else?
22nd-Jul-2009 06:19 pm(no subject)
Here is another photo of my new lighter norm' female BP next to her clutch mate for color comparison:

Still no names on either of these guys XD

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