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20th-Jul-2009 10:28 pm - new baby

So i actually took some photos of my brand new little baby ball python today...
...i have had her for about a week now, she is my third ball python so far.
But she is the first female i have ever owned. And god is she ever a cutie! 

She is a "normal" i think? 
But she has some really nice bright yellow/gold coloring.

I would like to ask anyone in this community though if they think she would be
considered just a pretty normal or something else? Perhaps kinda pastel - like? 

She is about a month and a half old.


I still have my adult male, he is A LOT darker colored then she is.


19th-Jul-2009 02:55 pm - If It Has A Mouth, It Can Bite
Scar thumb twiddle
Cross-posted to Herpers and my personal journal.

I often hear people ask things in pet stores that in hindsight are quite silly. Such as the teenage boys looking at the snakes going, 'Will it bite?'. As I heard on the Herpers community, if it has a mouth it can bite.

Today my adult ball python bit me. :P It was stupid, he's fed live(Not here to debate it, it's a risk I must deal with) and so I was trying to get a hold on the rat. The rat jumped, landed in the cage, and went inside one of my snake's(Empty) hide boxes. I wear leather gloves during this because rat jaws+teeth are like razors, but when I reached across to grab the box Voodoo struck out and nailed me on the arm. Entirely my fault and it was worth getting bit to retrieve the box with the rat inside. I was afraid my snake would follow the rat IN the box and there was too much potential for damage there.

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Moral of the story? Snakes can bite. If you want to own a snake, you have a good likelihood of getting bit -sometime-. However, if you have a ratsnake, cornsnake, ball python, and other similar-head-size animals it won't be that bad. All those people I meet who are so worried about my snake biting...seriously, getting bit by the cat is MUCH worse!
10th-Jul-2009 12:21 pm - I was just wanting an opinion
Hello everyone, i'm still around, sorry it's been forever but I I just wanted to get some opinions. My Male Pastel has for the second year in a row decided o stop eating in the summer time. He eats for a few weeks in spring and fall but doesn't eat in winter and summer. He is about 2.5 years old and i have been trying to breed him but nothing has happened and I was wondering if the fact that he doesn't eat in the summer could be part of that? I do all the light cycle stuff and the change in tempretures but he hasn't seemed interested in breeding for the last two seasons so I was just wondering about thta. i know that balls are notorious for not eating but i just find it interesting thta he stops when it's warm and his metabolism is fast. Just curious behavior.
Some of you who have been here for a few months may remember me mentioning a book i was writing a while back. WELL...... I FINISHED! :D

Almost all of the animals pictured belong to a ball python breeder in MD named Adam Wysocki, he owns www.8ballpythons.com. Wonderful guy, awesome breeder. He has stunning animals.

The book is 141 pages long, full color with all the data, info and photographs and design and layout done by me. I earned 13 credits for college and actually graduated in May earning my BS degree. I plan on doing some educational reptile shows after i move using my snakes (i currently have 4 ball pythons, the 4th is coming to me Wednesday).


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10th-Apr-2009 01:22 pm - Say no to HR 669!
speial k
You can do something about it!

30th-Mar-2009 01:39 am(no subject)
I'm pretty sure that my girl just at the skin she shed......has anyone ever seen or heard of this before?

She's never done this in the past, but she's most definitely shed. And the skin is most definitely *not* in there.

Just a cross between curious and confused :-)
22nd-Feb-2009 09:45 pm - scales coming off?
why god why, desperate onion in desperate times
My ball just shed TWICE, which is weird in itself. He had a really rough shed last week; I had to soak him twice, two or three hours each time, and peel off some of the skin myself. Then I put him back and he seemed fine.

This week he shed AGAIN, although this time it wasn't nearly as rough, though it still came off in big chunks rather than one nice piece. It was weird though, because I hadn't actually had a chance to feed him yet since his last shed, and so far he's only ever shed after eating.

I noticed when I took him out of the tank in order to clean it, though, that there's something funky going on around his tail. It looks like individual scales are actually coming off. It doesn't seem to be hurting him; I poked him a bit and he didn't react other than the usual "wtf are you doing, leggo" move. But it's sort of freaking me out.

A cursory Google shows that it could just be a transition from his rough shed last week (it's conceivable that I missed a bit around his tail) OR a sign of an infection. I'm not sure if it's skin or new scales under the flakes, although it definitely has a different look/texture than scales. It's even a little pinkish, so it could be skin.

I'd post photos, but I loaned my digital camera out to a friend last week and she hasn't returned it yet. Should I be worried? Should I take him to a vet? Normally I'd just have him to the vet right away--better safe than sorry--but I'm strapped for cash right now due to an upcoming funeral, so I don't want to take him in unless it's actually serious.

Any clues?

EDIT: Now with photo!! It's a really crappy one that my roommate took with her phone, but it's the best we got.

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This photo actually makes it look a little worse than it actually is because it's so blurry. His tailtip isn't red all over like that, but it's definitely sort of blotchy and pink. If it's an injury of some kind, will he heal on his own, or do I need to take him to a vet?

Edit: Weeeellll, I took him into the vet today and turns out, yep, it was scale rot. I have some antibiotics now. Thanks everyone!
Piebald Ball Python Female, Produced by Sammy Gregg Reptiles
( "Smiley" )

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Wallpapers, for those who want them.



ill make a 1024x768 later, i know that is a fairly common size. I just have a widescreen myself, so i made the bottom one for me, and the top one, for people with small screens. *shrugs*
5th-Jan-2009 03:48 pm - First post
Red dress
Does anyone here use plastic containers for their snakes? (Like, the rubbermaid kind.) What kind of size would be appropriate for a 5 month old female? I'm not sure on her exact size, around 12" or so.

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5th-Jan-2009 10:34 am(no subject)
please excuse my lack of knowledge... i am posting on behalf of my husband... and our ball python Scooby...

we live in a 2 bedroom condo and up until now the 2nd room has been "Scooby's room"... but with a new baby coming... he now has to share the room come April... My husband and I of course are not ones to give away animals on a whim or something along the fact of "omg im having a baby there cant be any pets"... so i ask you a few questions..

this summer we moved Scooby to a 40gal tank... hes a little over a foot long i want to say... and my husband takes care of him mostly... my job is mainly to check on him everyday and add water to his dish...

but the questions we are coming to now is heating... we have one heat lamp on the one side of his cage... and a couple of those sticky heat pads on the underneath of the cage... and right now we have the temperature set in the mid 70s in the bedroom and keep the door shut... and his cage seems to stay warm enough....

well our dilemma is now that the baby will be sleeping in there it cant be that warm in the room... and the door will be open more often... so does anyone have any suggestions we can do to keep his cage area warm and not heat the whole room... other than the two items we have on there now...

edit to add: the room temp is in the mid 70s... his tank is in the high 70s to low 80s on the cool side (his fav side) and in the low 90s on his warm side... oh and his light is on a timer so its not always on.

and for some visual aids... heres some pics of Scooby and his tank...
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