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Ball Python Community

The Ball Python Comunity where everyone is welcome
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The Keeping of Ball Pythons as pets. All Discussion and Photos Encouraged. Open membership!
Everyone is welcome here!
BUT! Read the Rules


1)No Rude Posts! IE: Telling somone theyre WRONG for doing things a certain way, we all have different techniques here for caring for snakes, take it easy on people.

2) use language how you please, but remember there are users of all ages, so do your best to be decent, if a posts contains hardcore language, lj-Cut it!

3) Pictures are to be BEHIND LIVEJOURNAL CUTS. Except the first or only one, so long as theyre dial-up friendly!

4) Have fun, talk about your snakes, share pictures, give tips, this will be a friendly community where people come to learn, and leave happy not hurt.

5) ALL SNAKE OWNERS ARE WELCOME! from the tiny worm snake to the anaconda! Invite anyone you wish!

6) TAG your entries! i will ask you to do so if you did forget!(ive been leinent on this lately, so, i guess... if you can? please? )

As an extra tidbit of info here, Check out our links! youll find some pretty interesting information on all of these pages, and people willing to help you learn!! most provide PLENTY of information on Ball Pythons and other species, so just check them out!!

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